Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sadie's Surgery

Well Sadie had her surgery on Tuesday to repair her torn ACL. Who would have thought that a dog can pull and ACL. We have been trying to find out what was wrong with her for a couple of months now and all our old vet kept telling us was that she was over weight and needed to loose a few. So, when the pain was so bad that she didn't want to put any pressure on the leg, we decided we needed a second opinion. That was the day we meet our new vet Dr. Good. Fortunatly we already knew of Dr. Good and trusted his opinion. That is where Sadie stayed when we went to Texas. He took one look at her and felt her leg and told us what the problem was. Wow! the other vet just wanted us to drug her to make her feel better. I was not happy with the other vet at all.

Day one she came home and whined all night. That night was hardest on me and Sadie because I stayed up with her and comforted her the whole night. I remember around 4 a.m. Tom convinced me to come to bed. She sleep for about 2 hours and was up again at 6 a.m. Tom agreed to let me sleep a couple of hours and he sat with her for a few hours. Wednesday day after surgery! This day was a little easier she was still real whinny but sleep most of the day. Tom was gone for most of the day so I had to stay home from work to make sure she didn't get up much and us her leg. Recovery time on this type of surgery is around 8 weeks. Because they had to do a full reconstruction of her knee. She is going to have to be kept in the house with minimal activities for a few weeks and then rehab. The things we do for our dogs!! Today she had a little more energy and started to put weight on her foot. The swelling has started to come down a little but her leg is still really big. Brody doesn't know what to do he knows that she is hurting but still wants to play with her. Luckly he gets to go next door to play with his puppy cousins.

Good Luck Sadie!