Tuesday, July 1, 2008

God Bless Texas!

Last week the Gibson Family went on a family vacation to the 2008 World Championship Paint Horse Show in Fort Worth, Texas. And of course when you go on vacation for something like a horse show you have to go do other things to take the wiggles out, especially me and Phil. We need our wiggle breaks or we get into mischief everywhere we go. Our first stop was for Phil we went to the famous "Southfork Ranch" for those of us that are unfamiliar with South Fork it is the home of a popular TV series called "Dallas". Phil has been obsessed with this show for many years now. Here is a little history;

"In 1978, a legend was created that would virtually be unmatched by any other series in television history. It would go on to take the world by storm, accumulating millions of fans along the way and propelling an unknown Texas ranch into one recognized around the world. Viewers across the globe would await each twist in the series, knowing the television family as well as their own. The series was "Dallas," the family the Ewings, and the ranch that was home to it all was Southfork."

APHA - Kristy's Horse Show!

Kristy qualified to attend the show with her horse Moe, just so you all understand I now nothing about showing horses so everything we watched and witnessed was my first time and I had to have Tom's dad Phil explain everything to me as it was happening. Luckily we got to watch a few people before Kristy showed, so by the time it was her turn I understood the basics. Walk here, trout there, turn right or was that left? Who knows! The first time she came out the horse was a little spooked buy the decor they had out as part of the course so unfortunately he (Moe) didn't do very well. But Their final show went really well we all thought they were going to be a finalist but I guess the horse didn't trout the right speed or something so small and minimal that I don't think it mattered. But all and all she had a great spirit about the whole experience, it was Moe's first time so hopefully she will try it again next year.

Don't Mess with Texas!

The Fort Worth Stockyards!
Well we found a place that I really enjoyed, I loved the Stockyards and just hanging out in that environment. The first time we went to the Stockyards was for dinner we ate at this quaint little restaurant called Riscky's Steakhouse, the food was wonderful. That night I got to set on a long horn steer, I wasn't even nervous about climbing on the old guy, his name was "Lone Star" real original I know. I figured when am I going to get the opportunity to do this again so I climbed on up with the help of the cowboy, I forgot to get his name oops.But, unfortunately we didn't get to stay long.

But, we were going to return the next day and that is when I really started to love the stock yards. We did a little shopping and wandering through the yards. A couple of Kristy's friends from Texas Sarah and Curt joined us on our excursion it was fun to get to know them. We got to watch the Long Horn Steers go for there daily walk "Cattle Drive" I wasn't as impressed with this like I thought I would be. There just wasn't as many steers as I thought there would be and I guess I was expecting more. I guess if you are a little kid from the city it would be really cool for you to see.

Me and Susan got Henna Tattoos, don't worry they fade in a couple of weeks. But it was fun to be a little wild. Okay so I think all my days are blurring together because I don't remember which night it was but one night Kristy, Sarah Curt and Myself went to the hotel bar and sang Karaoke they three of them choose our song "God Bless Texas" that was a great song to sing and everyone in the bar enjoyed singing along.

And that night we ate at a Riscky's BBQ another restaurant owned by the same family as our first night eating at the stockyards. I was equally Delicious. Then we did a little more shopping and called it a day. I definantely want to go back to Fort Worth there are many more things that I would like to do and see there. The Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame is one stop that I don't want to miss next time and I didn't get to eat at Billy Bob's. So I guess next year Kristy will have to go back so we can tag along another time.