Tuesday, July 1, 2008

APHA - Kristy's Horse Show!

Kristy qualified to attend the show with her horse Moe, just so you all understand I now nothing about showing horses so everything we watched and witnessed was my first time and I had to have Tom's dad Phil explain everything to me as it was happening. Luckily we got to watch a few people before Kristy showed, so by the time it was her turn I understood the basics. Walk here, trout there, turn right or was that left? Who knows! The first time she came out the horse was a little spooked buy the decor they had out as part of the course so unfortunately he (Moe) didn't do very well. But Their final show went really well we all thought they were going to be a finalist but I guess the horse didn't trout the right speed or something so small and minimal that I don't think it mattered. But all and all she had a great spirit about the whole experience, it was Moe's first time so hopefully she will try it again next year.

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