Thursday, June 12, 2008

Casey Ann

My Niece Casey came to stay with me last week and finding stuff to do with an eight year old was interesting. I should mention that she is extremely hyper and wanted to do stuff non-stop. I took her swimming, to boondocks to ride to go-karts, horse back riding and shopping. Here is a pic of her driving the go-kart.

I think this was the first time she ever operated a vehicle because when she was driving it she drove head on into the wall. Good thing there was a rubber tire to bounce her off. I think she got a little whip lash and a welt on her neck from that accident. But she did a good job and I was proud of her. She didn't cause a ten car pile up on the track.

That night my sister in-law Kristy invited us down to the barn that she has her horse at. She was willing to teach Casey the ins and outs of riding a horse. Casey was a little nervous at first to get onto the horse but by the end of the night she was doing great.

The horse that she is riding was the horse that her Uncle Tom use to ride when he was a kid his name was Oakey. She thought it was neat to ride his old horse. I was really impressed with Kristy and how she had Casey do everything. When I told her mom that Casey was doing all by her self she didn't believe me good thing I got video.

I was a fun week but it reminded me how much work kids are. I loved having her stay with me so we could get to know each other a little more.

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