Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Backseat Car Organizer - Kids Toy Storage by Fancy Mobility

I was given the opportunity to review this Backseat Car Organizer, I was elated to do so. Raylan always finds it to be enjoyable to kick the back of my seat in the car. I am sure all parents have dealt with this at some point in their lives if they have a smaller vehicle like we do. I initially went out and bought this plain black "kick stops" it was just a black piece of thick canvas. It has done the job and kept my leather seats from taking a beating. But... I wanted something more, I wanted something that would hold toys for him that was easier for him to access.

At first glance the design is amazing. Lots and lots of pockets. Let just talk about the pockets for a minute. They are BIG! They hold many items and there are many of them.
The top one has a flap that comes over and has Velcro to close it. This one is nice for his tablet plus for a quick trip in the store it hides it out of sit enough.
The next row of pockets are very spacious as well. I can fit a full bag of gold fish in one. They are also surrounded by mesh pockets for smaller items. This is where I will keep the hand sanitizer so its easy for him to grab after preschool or a trip to McDonalds.
The last row of pockets are equally spacious. in the large pocket I fit a coloring book and notebook. This pocket also has mesh pockets surround it. For markers, crayons, and whatever else you need. There is also two large mesh pockets with elastic on the side perfect for drinks.
They have also included a tiny strap on the top to loop around and hold hanging toys. I am sure this will be helpful but at this time we don't have anything to hand on it.
(It also came with a free visor organizer not pictured.)

Its really easy to install in your car. There two straps with buckles one goes around the headrest on the seat in front of the child and one goes around the base of that same seat. When sitting in the seat in front is doesn't bother you at all. I can't tell its even there unless I look at the strap. #FancyMobility


I received this organizer for a highly discounted amount for my honest and unbiased review.

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