Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Fevers fevers and more fevers

Cold and Flu Season is upon us!!!

I received this MeasuPro No Touch Digital Forehead Thermometer for a highly discounted amount. 

Having kids in the fall means you have very small babies in the winter. With both kids we dealt with sick kids all winter long. Now that the little man is in preschool he is bringing home every virus to his sister. Thanks Buddy! With that being said we have tried every type of thermometer on the planet. This one is really neat, we are able to test the kids without waking them up to get a reading. It seems to be really accurate which is a big concern when dealing with the littlest kids that can't explain how they are feeling. I was also impressed that this came with batteries. There's nothing worse then buying something out of necessity only to find out you have to go to the store for batteries. 
I was a little worried at first with the red lights and not getting them in the kids eyes but have sense found out that its an LED light and wont hurt them. 

So if you are in the market for a good themometer I would recommend adding this one to your diaper bag. #measupro


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