Friday, January 8, 2016

New Ring!

I love when I get the opportunity to review products. This next product I review was for Tom. I got him a nice new shiny ring the best way I know how... For cheap LOL. (I promise Tom when we win the lottery I will buy you an expensive ring) Tom's wedding ring was starting to look a little beat up and just wasn't shinny a cool. This TAN'S 8mm Men's Tungsten Ring Wedding Band in Comfort Fit Black Carbon Fiber Inlay/Beveled Polished Edge Ring was just what I was looking for. When I first received it the presentation of the ring was nice, it came in a cool little wooden box ready to be given away. Its a lot heavier then I expected to. My ring is titanium so its heavier then a white gold ring and I would have to say his Tungsten ring is just as heavy. The carbon fiber inlay is really cool and fits Toms personality a lot more then his old ring. So I am very happy with this product. I received it for a high discount or maybe even free smile emoticon for my honest and unbiased review. ‪#‎TANS8mmMensTungstenRingWeddingBand‬

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